Jaecam Trading is a company that specialises in direct importing and wholesaling.

Our product range primarily focuses around electronics, mobile phone accessories and electronic toys.​

Our aim is to provide fun, interesting and engaging products at the best possible price point with a view to providing our customers with a high turnover of products at the point of sale.

Jaecam Trading is based in rural Victoria, and was formed in 2009. The company’s owners like to play with gadgets, electronics and other cool stuff. Sadly, they noticed that while the rural lifestyle was indeed peaceful, access to fun toys to play with was pretty limited. So they hatched a simple plan. Bring the fun stuff to the country.

We spend a lot of time finding fun things for our fellow Aussies. We know that everyone gets a kick from good value, so we aim to not only be fun but also very reasonably priced. We know that we will have something that you like. So please, go right ahead and personalise your world with fun and colour.​​​

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